Creditworthiness, take care of it today.

   How do we use the years of youth? Do we wonder that every financial action taken has an impact on getting a loan in the future? Probably not. However, there will come a moment when you want to go your own or change your car. The situation gets complicated when we go to the […]

How to check if I’m in KRD?

  How to check yourself in ERT? We can get information about ourselves for free. The first step to download the report about yourself is registration on the main page of the National Debt Register, where we find the blue window ‘Offer for consumers’. Here we select the “Check information about yourself for free” option. […]

The most common reasons for rejecting a loan

  Are you trying to get a payday loan, but it turned out that the application was rejected? Wondering why this happened? Here are some possible causes. 1. Bad credit history Credit history is all information collected in databases, e.g. BIK, regarding our financial liabilities. In the database you will find information about all loans […]

We disprove the myths that grew non-bank loans.

  Although non-bank loans have been granted according to the stricter rules for three years, they have been the victims of misinformation. As a result, many potential clients refrain from choosing loan institutions. We straighten out the most widespread fake news about this sector. Licensed lenders include not only banks and credit unions. Loan companies […]

Verde – opinions about payday pay and review.

  The Infotec sector is growing dynamically. The number of loan companies is increasing, but there are also brokers who are tasked with accelerating the loan process even more. The intermediary service is, which connects borrowers and lenders. Thanks to these types of portals, both parties can quickly establish cooperation. If we are interested […]

What is a Positive Credit Register?

Positive Credit Register, or Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR), is a record that collects all of a person’s loans in real time. This means that, for example, when applying for a loan, the finance company or bank would not only see the customer’s potential default entries in the credit history, but the lender would be able […]

Why loan companies Employer Branding?

When they see you, they borrow from you. And it’s not just about what the journalists write about the loan industry, politicians say, and even the clients themselves. An employee can treat the best image to a company. Employer Branding builds trust in the company. Fact. But how well is the loan industry aware of […]