How to check if I’m in KRD?

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How to check yourself in ERT?

How to check yourself in KRD?

We can get information about ourselves for free. The first step to download the report about yourself is registration on the main page of the National Debt Register, where we find the blue window ‘Offer for consumers’. Here we select the “Check information about yourself for free” option. In the opened window select “Create a free account”. Then we will be asked to complete the given items. The mandatory fields are marked with * – we do not need to agree to contact us for marketing purposes, for example, because this involves sending information to your mailbox. At the bottom of the page we will find the orange “Create account” button – after pressing it a window will appear in which we must confirm the data entered by us. The penultimate stage of registration is confirming your identity. For this purpose, please send a scan of our proof. The file can be sent: in graphic file format (jpg, png or gif) or in the form of a.pdf file supported by Acrobat Reader. After adding photos, click the button in the bottom right corner – “Confirm identity”. After completing these steps we will be able to download the report. From the “Check” tab, select “Check yourself” and then click the burgundy “Check yourself” button again. Creating a report will take a moment – then our task is to select the “Download report about yourself” link. After opening the file, we will display information such as: number of disputed liabilities, number of undisputed liabilities, number of creditors, total amount of debt in PLN.

How to delete an entry from the National Debt Register?

How to delete an entry from the National Debt Register?

If the information obtained indicates that we have outstanding debts, we should pay them as soon as possible. The exceptions are situations when we suspect that someone used our data and incurred a debt on our behalf. In this case, we should contact the creditors as well as the police as soon as possible. When we intend to pay off the debt, we contact the creditor, i.e. the person who entered us in the ERT and pay the debt. The creditor is obliged to remove the entry to the ERT within 14 days of recovery. After settling the receivables, it is worth checking again whether we are not on the black list of debtors. We should log in to our account again and download a report with data about us.

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You can get a report about yourself for free if you want to download the report once every six months. In a situation where we want to control our financial situation more often, such a report will cost PLN 6.90. However, this is a small price for constant access to information about our debt.

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