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The Infotec sector is growing dynamically. The number of loan companies is increasing, but there are also brokers who are tasked with accelerating the loan process even more. The intermediary service is, which connects borrowers and lenders. Thanks to these types of portals, both parties can quickly establish cooperation. If we are interested in an online non-bank loan, but we are not able to choose the right lender, we recommend using Currently, the website cooperates with dozens of reliable companies that will offer us an attractive loan offer tailored to our needs. website – with it you will find the perfect loan website - with it you will find the perfect loan

It should be noted that is not a lender, and therefore does not provide financial services. This is a service that acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. Using this portal, we can apply for a loan, which will be forwarded to all loan companies cooperating with it.

On the portal’s page we will find an application that must be completed in order to be able to apply for the commitment we are interested in. The website requires a lot of information. Undoubtedly, this is due to the multitude of companies they work with – each lender will assess our creditworthiness on a different basis. The portal particularly cares about the safety of customers, so we do not have to worry that the personal data entered by us will be in the wrong hands. Thanks to the information gathered in the application, can direct the application in the right way, thanks to which our application will go to the lender who will be able to offer us the appropriate offer.

A modern tool from Creda offers its clients a very modern and efficient tool. We no longer have to go to the lenders’ websites themselves to apply for a loan for each individual. This task will certainly take us much longer than using the help of All we have to do is enter the intermediary’s website, submit only one application and he will forward it to the cooperating companies. All work is done for the borrower.

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Step by step application process

Step by step application process

To use the services offered by, all we have to do is submit a request for payday pay. Completing this task should not take us more than 15 minutes, because has exceptionally tried to make this process quick and not to cause problems for consumers. We start the loan application by choosing the loan amount and the loan period. Here you can choose from 50 PLN to 1500 PLN. As for the repayment date, we also choose it ourselves: from 1 to 30 days. Then we proceed to filling in personal data. Here we will need information such as: PESEL number, bank account number, series and ID card number. We fill in the fields related to our contact details, i.e. phone number, e-mail address, correspondence address. will also ask us about the housing situation.

Data on work

The next step will be providing detailed data related to our work. Among other things, we will be asked about the form of employment, i.e. the type of contract, monthly net revenues, monthly expenses, the exact name of the employer together with the address of the company headquarters, the position we hold, and when the remuneration appears on our account. The complete set of all this information will allow us to determine our creditworthiness, which will have a major impact on whether we can obtain the commitment we apply for. Then, after confirming the data entered by us, we will be asked to make a symbolic transfer or provide an identification code via SMS – this is a verification process that will exclude the possibility of fraud. Now all we have to do is wait for the decision and call from the lender, which should not take much time. The broker accepts applications 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Summary is a website whose main task is to help interested borrowers find the perfect non-bank loan offer. Thanks to, we will quickly and easily establish cooperation with a loan company that will prepare an attractive commitment for us – tailored to our needs, but also repayment possibilities. When we are unable to decide on any of the loan companies, it is worth using the offer. However, like everything, also has its pros and cons. Of course, there are many better websites, but the basic thing that may discourage you from using the portal’s services is the low loan amount. As part of the portal’s services, we can get only PLN 1,500. For those of us whose financial needs are not too high, this is a sufficient amount. However, for people who plan to spend more, it may be too small.

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